Shanxi Jiaomeila Food Co., Ltd, which is a leading and professional factory for planting, processing and selling of chili powder and whole chili pepper in china.


Our factory has more than 100 workers, covers an area of 3500m2, 100-acre plantatian and long-term cooperation with other large plantations.


We have introduced an automated,deep-processing production line. Products are exported to Asia, Europe, and other continents and enjoy a good fame.


Our obligation is to provide high-quality products, and our mission is to offer better service.

new automatic production machine, strick quality control system, rich experience technician Shanxi Jiaomeila Co. Ltd. focuses on the specific vertical of peppers. We boast a modernized pepper-planting area of 100,000 Mu, and we have introduced an automated, deep-processing production line. Our sales channels have extended beyond mainland China to South Korea. Overall, we have built a whole industry chain from planting, deep processing, to brand operation and sales.

Our team adheres to the principles of integrity, standardization, and efficiency. We have expanded our market by our technology and products, and obtained credibility with innovative services. We devote ourselves to providing outstanding and effective services for all customers. Oriented to the future, we persist in making healthy food.

Specialists with 20 years' experience are in charge of production technologies, management and R & D. By training our staff on operation skills and production-related knowledges, we have cultivated excellent personnel in production and product inspection.

We have hired professionals from Korea, and have successfully blended Korean taste and Chinese traditional taste. Research institutes including Shanxi Agricultural University and the Food Research Institute of China Agricultural University, have supervised the whole planting process, from sewing, growing, to harvest.

7S management has been applied for several goals: improving efficiency, producing refined products, reducing waste, saving material and time cost, and ensuring high-quality product output.

In addition to the deep processing of conventional pepper products, customized services are provided according to customers' needs.

In 2017, the company has got QS certification in pepper processing, and has successfully developed 16 kinds of products, which can be classified into 3 sorts: pepper powder for food, pepper chips, and pepper spikes. Our annual production scale has reached 10,000 tons.